Living Faith

Noah was surrounded by people who wanted to dissaude and detract him from following God's call in his life. Noah acted in faith to God's call even though what he was called to do went against common sense and the "rules". Noah ran his race with the intent to win. He did not worry about public opinion. We can look at Noah's life for guidance when it seems we are the only ones walking a certain path; running an only course. We are not alone in our faith. God will always be there to guide and help through life's many storms and trials. An active and living faith can at times require actions that may seem new and uncomfortable, but the rewards are eternal.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


BooBoo, Baron, and Hurley welcomed Chloe home from China in September along with our two sons and her grandfather.

Chloe was not too impressed with any of them, especially the three bulldogs.

However, after a month and a litter of puppies, she is as in love with the snorting, slobbering and saprostomous canines.

Ever since the last litter left us she has been asking for more puppies. To our delight, when she comes home from the hospital she will be arriving home to a litter of four bulldogs.

As you know from an earlier post, we named one puppy after Chloe's nurse, Bry. We also named a puppy after her wonderful urologist. He was there for us around the clock when Chloe's obstruction occurred after her first operation. I have never meet a doctor with such compassion. So, he had a puppy named for him, Duncan.

Duncan, the puppy, has run into some complications. We are praying for him. Greg is taking him to the vet at this moment. I will not give up on Duncan. It is not an option.

Please pray for this silly little dog. A dog that represents Chloe's fight to get better.

A fight that was fought by God through our wonderful Duncan, the urologist.

Many Blessings,

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