Living Faith

Noah was surrounded by people who wanted to dissaude and detract him from following God's call in his life. Noah acted in faith to God's call even though what he was called to do went against common sense and the "rules". Noah ran his race with the intent to win. He did not worry about public opinion. We can look at Noah's life for guidance when it seems we are the only ones walking a certain path; running an only course. We are not alone in our faith. God will always be there to guide and help through life's many storms and trials. An active and living faith can at times require actions that may seem new and uncomfortable, but the rewards are eternal.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Chloe has had several wonderful people working tirelessly as a group today to figure out what is going on with her little body.

Her digestive system is not able to get anything from her stomach into her small intestine.

She has lost weight. Weight she did not have to lose. Her hair is falling out. Hair that she wanted to grow long. She is in much pain. A far cry from the little trickster she is at home.

She was just taken back to surgery to determine if she has a blockage. The procedure should take about 2 hours.

I have Greg, Nathan, Raeya and Daisy the pregnant bulldog here with me. Balin is spending the night with a friend.

The team of doctors here are wonderful. We have had such great care from house keeping, volunteers, CNA's, nurses, doctors, of course the Harley Davidson Rocky Mountain Riders and friends and neighbors that generously offered to take our kids to school at 8am when their children did not need to go to school, or the dad that picked my kids up from school on a day his daughter was not in school. Most importantly however, Chloe is in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We love Him, honor Him, and praise Him through all of this.

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