Living Faith

Noah was surrounded by people who wanted to dissaude and detract him from following God's call in his life. Noah acted in faith to God's call even though what he was called to do went against common sense and the "rules". Noah ran his race with the intent to win. He did not worry about public opinion. We can look at Noah's life for guidance when it seems we are the only ones walking a certain path; running an only course. We are not alone in our faith. God will always be there to guide and help through life's many storms and trials. An active and living faith can at times require actions that may seem new and uncomfortable, but the rewards are eternal.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Never been so happy to change a diaper

After an extremely hard night and day, we have finally made some progress this evening. Chloe is now resting peacefully after her meds and I have rejoicingly changed a diaper or two.

After the fact, I felt a little silly running down the hall and waving my arms over a diaper change. It was as if she had taken her first step. Come to think of it that is the next big step, a little step.

Her abdomen hurts so bad she is terrified to walk. She is learning to trust me through the pain. She is teaching me to trust through the pain as well.

We will still be here for another day or two because she has not taken anything by mouth as of yet. We have made so many friends and Chloe has touched so many. She is the 6th floor angel and the doctors favorite patient.

My little girl!

Thank you all for your prayers. They have been deeply felt today!

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  1. Oh, Amy! Praise God. We all prayed for Chloe last night. Emma prayed at dinner and again at bedtime. She will love to hear how God answered so quickly. We will continue to uphold you all this day, for all that it brings. Sending our love your way!